Groundbreaking innovation

Using the most advanced technologies, we process bird feathers and animal by-products into sustainable and nutritive pet care

High return on investment

The low cost associated with pet food production allows a short payback period

Environmentally sustainable production process

Our production process is environmentally friendly and is based on the latest generations of physical-mechanical methods of treating.


We provide technology, design and manufacture of technological lines

Our mission

Our mission is to provide companies that process animal by-products not intended for human consumption with technologies that allow owners to obtain income from each component of its production.

Working with passion and developing products of the highest quality is one of the key aspects of our success.

We provide technology, design and manufacture of technological lines

Advanced technology and innovation

Our process

Our experts are re-inventing the traditional animal by-product processing industry and transform the traditionally considered production waste into nutritious food.

Our company also sells this innovative technology allowing our customers to benefit from them.

Cost estimation and line design

Investment needed for Buying a Production Line

The investment needed for Engineering, procuring, and constructing a production line includes:

  1. Engineering, Delivery, and Installation of the production line
  2. Training of staff
  3. Commission

The engineering of the production line is determined by the following criteria:

  • Animal by-product available
  • Quantity of animal by-product generated per day

Engineering and constructing the production line:

The technology line is built according to the original design and includes:

    • grinding equipment;
    • mixers;
    • conveyors for transferring raw materials from mixers to extrusion;
    • specialized extrusions, combined in blocks by a loading mechanism;
    • pneumatic transport, cooling, and packaging system;
    • the filling can be done in bags or in any other packaging you decide.

Installation and training of staff

The assembly of the production line and the training of the staff is carried out by our experts.

The requirements for the facility where the production line would be installed are:

    • smooth concrete floor with a thickness of at least 200mm;
    • the room temperature must be at least + 10 °C;
    • the desired height of the facility is at least 6m;
    • in addition to the supply of electricity, no other types of energy carriers are required (less than 0.2 kW of electricity is required to produce 1 kg of feed);